Email Copywriting

My copywriting superpower is writing emails that get opened.

I've come to realize that your emails need 3 things: 


- A subject line that hooks and makes your audience click on the email

- A persuasive email body that keeps them reading

- A clear and concise Call to Action (CTA) 

I will make sure that your emails shine on all 3 fronts.

I can help you if you are:

  • A coach or a course creator
  • You have an email list 
  • Your course or program is actually good and designed to help people
  • You and your business align with my Ethical Copywriting Philosophy


I can’t help you if you:

  • Don’t yet have an email list
  • Don’t fit my niche - I work exclusively with value driven coaches and course creators. 
  • Are kind of a prick. Or a bromarketer 
  • Are going to haggle with me about the prices. There are copywriters at all kinds of price points. If my prices don’t seem affordable to you, I would be happy to suggest someone else who might fit your budget. 

What kind of emails can I write for you?

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I can write these for you and more:

  • Launch email sequence for your course or program
  • Welcome sequence 
  • Promotional email sequence for free events 
  • Nurture sequence for evergreen products. 

How does working with me work?

Working with me is very much a collaborative process. Because I want to make sure that your brand voice is loud and clear in the copy I write.


Here are the steps we are going to take:

  1. We have a discovery call where you tell me all about your business and your offer, and I let you know if we are the right fit for each other. 
  2. Assuming we are the right fit, I send you an invoice, you make the payment, and I get started on the project.
  3. You send me any existing copy you have for your brand and offer. Like your brand kit, ideal customer avatar, sales page for the offer, any emails you’ve already written, social media captions and videos, etc. 
  4. I set up a google doc for us both where you can watch me work in real time and leave comments, questions, and suggestions
  5. I draft all the emails, and we have another call to discuss all changes necessary for the second draft
  6. I make the necessary changes and hand the project over to you. 

I am invested in your stories because I use them to make your copy more relatable to your audience, and in turn help you make more sales. 

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How long are we going to work together?

Roughly, 2 weeks. But it can be more or less than that depending on the size and complexity of your campaign. 


What is the investment?

Again, it depends on the size and complexity of your campaign. But all packages begin from:


Other FAQs

What niches do you write for? Do you do SAAS copywriting?

I don't do SAAS copywriting. I don't do medical copywriting either.

I write for coaches and course creators. So far I have worked with coaches who teach creativity, productivity, personal development, spirituality, manifestation, parenting, holistic health, business, and law of attraction.


Why do I have to pay you unfront?

Because very few things are worse than having to chase down clients for money. Let's both avoid that kind of negativity in our lives.


Do you have a refund policy?

Unfortunately, no. Writing sales copy specific to your needs and brand voice is a labor of my love, energy, and hours upon hours of diligent focus. That focus bit really doesn’t come easy to me with my ADHD brain. So, no, I can’t offer you a refund, because I am putting in my 100% for your launch.


Can I pay in installments?

I would love for my business to be able to do that someday. But sadly today is not that day. I’m working on it though, and I will offer payment plans soon as I can.