Here to show you that you can sell with ethical copywriting and heartfelt storytelling.

Anyone who tells you otherwise can suck it.


Hi, I’m Tahmina, your friendly neighborhood copywriting coach and storytelling enthusiast. I’m here to take the robot voice and sleaze out of copywriting. 

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms - Muriel Rukeyser

Candid Phrases is here to revolutionalize sales copy with heart and candor and unbridled storytelling.

Because the universe, after all, IS made of stories.

Seriously, business storytelling is my jam! (or marmalade, take your pick).

I even created a course on it!

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“My teachers always said I was a good writer. So my copy should sound just as good, right? Why does it suck then? I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong!”

- You, probably.

Let me tell you what’s up. Despite being the ink slinging pizzazzy genius you are, the magic is missing when you write for your business. 

That’s because writing copy has very little to do with what we (read: teachers and professors) call good writing. 

And chances are, whenever you’re writing for your business, you put on your big girl (or boy) pants, and churn out the most business-y sounding words possible. 

That’s exactly what we don’t do at Candid Phrases. We loosen up and write like we’re talking to a friend.

And by we, I mean you and me. 

What I Can Help You With

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Write your launch copy for you

Let me write your launch copy for you. Launching a business or a new offer is overwhelming enough, without having to write copious amounts of copy.

Especially if the prospect of writing makes you want to go hide in your pillow fort.

Teach you how to write your own copy

I have free and paid resources to get you started. It's simpler than you think.